Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished Ice Necron Warriors!

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the delay in getting the pictures but. Here is a couple of pictures detailing everything I did in my finished Ice-Themed Necron Warriors. I only had 1 box of warriors to start but I am ordering a battle set so I should have a couple more posts of material once I get that in. Some more warriors, destroyers and scarabs.

The following was done to the warriors I am posting:

1) Base coated in VGC Gunmetal
2) Washed the body in Citadel Asuremen Blue
3) Washed the gun with Citadel Badab Black - also, painted the gun tube and engine with VGC Electric Blue.
4) Glued fine cork ballast to the base
5) Washed the balast in Badab Black
6) Dry brushed the ballast with VGC Cold Grey, Bone White, Electric Blue then again with Bone White.
7) Made a "wet snow" type mix using Baking Soda, PVA Glue, and some cheap hobby store acrylic white paint so I didn't use up all of my good VGC. Applie the snow in random spots on the base.
8) Used Liquitex Glazing Medium on the blue gun tube and gun engine to give it a glossed "frozen over" type look.
9) Replaced the standard green rods with blue plastic tubing ordered from

That's pretty much it. I still cant decide on what I want to do to the eyes, if anything. I can also try to do something with the rune on the chest but seeing as how this will be the army I play with, if I ever get around to it, I am considering them done!

So here ya go and as always if you have any comments or criticism, let it rip! (I liked the pictures from the internet when I suspected I should have uploaded them directly to blogspot. Ill be sure to do that next time. So for this time you will need to click to get a full sized pic. Sorry!)


  1. I think the end result is pretty tidy. The tube's not as blue as I was thinking, but it's enough of a tint to get the job done.

    I like the rock mixed in with the snow. Gives it a little more 'barren world' tone to it, which fits Necrons well enough.

    I wonder, though, if it was overly humid when you spray-primed or sealed the model. It looks less than smooth for some reason (at least in the very close-up pictures).

    Overall, though, good work.

  2. Yeah, I live in south texas and this batch of warriors were spray primed in probably 100deg. weather. That explains the texture. The next batch I will be hand priming with liquitex gesso.

  3. I have heard good things about gesso. I suspect it'll do much nicer for you.

  4. My gaming buddy had some gesso. It worked really well, and had a nice smooth coat. I have also had problems with the gritty primer

  5. Tell your girlfriend to get in gear with those pictures. Can't wait all day for her.


  6. Looking good.

    1. I love gesso. I tried it out several years ago after seeing an article on weetoysoldiers... After the first group of guys, I promptly gave away all of my spray cans. It's great stuff. It can be good to thin it down a bit with water, plus I like adding a bit of Future floor wax to harden it up.

    2. You might want to resize those pictures as they're getting cut off. Blogger does an auto link reference to the full size, so you don't need the big ones in your body text. Just edit the post, switch to HTML view, then go looking for the width. Your main column is 410px wide and the pics have a 10px border, so 400px wide or less should be right. (Another option is to increase the size of your wrappers...)


  7. i saw these last week when searching on google, they are really inspiring! i'm getting a battleforce in the mail in a few days and i'm ding a similar paint-job, but mine are going to be a bit lighter. its just a great mix :D