Monday, August 17, 2009

Lets try this again!

Hello again, everyone!

Thanks for the views and comments on my first post. It was a very welcomed surprise. Most of the criticism was about the quality of the pictures. No surprise there. My fantastic girlfriend read the comments too and she brought her camera over so we could do something about that. In the following pictures the necrons have been based in VGC (Vallejo Game Color) Gunmetal, then washed in Citadel Asuremen Blue. The guns got a wash of Citadel Badab Black and the gun tube and gun engine area were painted in VGC Electric Blue.
The units themselves have made progress since these pictures were taken. I started the basing, the guns were finished and the blue rods were inserted to replace the standard necron green. Once I convince my girlfriend to come back over i'll get pictures for you!

Here is 2 shots of my temporary work area and a shot of my current paint lineup. VGC and Citadel Washes:

So there you have it! As always you are encouraged to leave some feedback, good or bad. I will throw some new pictures up in a day or two of either finished or near finished Ice Themed Necrons.


  1. I've always been a fan of rod-swaps on the Necrons. While I'm not necessarily a fan of their codex, I think you've done a fine job on the minis. Necrons favor a simpler scheme, and you've executed it nicely.

  2. They are looking good. I like the colors you have going.
    Your painting area is MUCH more organized than mine!

    Check out my friend's Necron Blog at:
    He is working on a Necron tomb entrance.

  3. Raptor is right, rod swaps are the way to go.

    Your necrons are looking good. I am looking forward to seeing a finished squad.

    Have your necrons spilled blood yet?

  4. No blood spilled yet! I still have a decent amount of units to paint up before I have enough of them to play with.

    Totally new experience for me!

  5. For the snow recipe I use, as you requested, you will need:

    Baking Soda
    White Paint
    White Glue
    Flat-headed toothpick (God knows where I found 'em, but they're great disposable applying tools)
    Paper Cup (disposable mixing surface)

    It's about equal parts baking soda, glue, and paint. Water a few drops to thin it. You really don't need a lot of any of the ingredients; you could probably get a 10-Necron squad off a teaspoon each of soda, glue, and paint. Add a few drops of cool water slowly to alter consistency.

    The baking soda gives you texture, and the glue helps it stick to the base and thicken up. The paint keeps it from yellowing, and water thins it.

    The recipe's shown up as a suggestion on BOLS and a few other places, but they don't really give you proportions.

    Note, though, when I'm using it I'm using a thicker basic acrylic craft paint. I suggest a cheaper white paint for the thickness, and so you don't feel like you wasted any good Skull White (or vallejo equivalent) if you make too much snow.

  6. Looking forward to seeing them with the blue rods and the finished guns. Also, much better on the photos.

    I have a snow base on my winter themed wood elves, but I kept it very very simple.

    1. Paint base and edge white and let dry.

    2. Put second coat of white paint on only the base.

    3. While paint is still wet, I sprinkle some woodland scenics snow flock on the base and I'm done.

    Its not perfect, but works for tabletop quality minis.

    I picked up a huge bottle of the snow flock for around 10 bucks from a hobby shop that sells model trains.

  7. pictures look much better. I have not got around to basing my necrons yet. It is something simple that I just can't seem to make myself do. Look forward to seeing your snow bases though

  8. @Raptor1313: Interesting difference in our mix styles there. I don't care for the white paint as it only retards the yellowing but doesn't remove it.

    I base coat the area with Shadow Grey (old icy snow over rock), 3:1 Skull White and Ultramarine Blue (icy snow in depth), or Skull White (fresh snow).

    Then I'll do a mix of 5:3:1 (or so) of baking soda, PVA glue and water. This gives me a nice consistency to apply as desired.

    The final key is to seal it. That is what keeps them from yellowing. I'll use pure Future floor wax for wet/icy/shiny snow, or a semi-gloss mix for something a little colder. (I'll have a sample showing in my sculpting tutorial for next week.)

  9. I use a mixture of GW and reaper paints. I haven't tried the Game paints. What do you guys think of them?

  10. I am new to the hobby so these Necrons are the first things I have ever painted but so far I have no complaints with the Game Colors. Except maybe the fact that the bottles tend to push air through the nozzle and sort of leak a little paint.

    Anyone else experience this? I suspect it's an issue with dropped bottles in general and not just Vallejo.

  11. Ben,

    I use Game Color fact I think you have used some of mine. They are very good.

    Thakorr - drop bottles do tend to push a lil air and sometimes you can get a clot in the tip and it will squirt

  12. That's what she said. Heeyooo! Zing! ;)

    Yeah, I suspected that to be the case but since it's the first set of paints I've ever bought I figured I would verify.