Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting started!

Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by the new blog. I am new to both Warhammer AND Blogging so please keep that in mind while reading over and checking out my very amatuer content. (Every photo taken for this entry was done with my phone. Sorry about the poor quality but this should be an isolated event - some pictures is better than none!).

I have spent the better part of a month watching videos, reading blogs, and researching supplies before I decided what it was I wanted to start with. (P.S. Thanks to YouTubers Terrainaholic, SwimmingInMtnDew, AGProductions, Natakue, and Jawaballs for all the fantastic resources).

Ultimately I decided that my first project would be Ice Themed Necrons. Several people mentioned that Necrons were one of the easier to paint 40k races and I wanted to add a theme I haven't seen too much of that would allow my to practice a little more than just drybrushing.

To get started I knew I was going to need paint. I settled on Vallejo Game Color because the price was right and the dropped bottles work better for me than the standard GW Pots. To date, this is my paint collection:

The next thing I bought was a box of necron warriors. 12 Warriors and 2 Scarab Swarms. $35 at a comic shop I had to drive 40 miles to get to. In the future I will probably order off, which is where I got my paints. I was desperate to get started so I just sucked it up and paid for it. We all know what a box looks like, and I don't have pictures of me drybrushing the Gunmetal on them but here is a picture of it before I use Asuremen Blue wash on it:

This set of Necrons were the first mini's I had ever painted before so the entire thing was a learning process for me. The blue wash dried a little darker than I anticipated but I still enjoy the look so I have decided to run with it. I painted the entire batch the same way, coating all of the body but leaving the gun untouched. I think I am going to wash the gun using Badab Black and then hit the slots on the gun engine with more of the blue that I used on the tube:

All of the wash was applied while I was at work (don't tell anyone!). One of the benefits to working the graveyard shift. I only brought the blue wash to work with me so once I get home and sleep, I will wash the gun in black, paint the gun engine, paint the eyes, and work on the basing. I did bring a couple of sprue bits, a sanding block and my exacto knife so that I could try to make some Ice Crystals following this tutorial:

I've got some Citadel snow basing material and some ballast that I will be using when I get to that step. So, this is where I am at currently. Check back in a day or two and hopefully I will have gotten a couple steps further and maybe even have a couple of them finished.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what would make these guys stand out a little more, or how to kick them up a couple of notches I am open to suggestions and criticism alike. Thanks again for stopping by, I am going to be updating frequently so check back again!


  1. Welcome to the sport...

    My suggestions:
    1. Don't bother with the Citadel Snow Basing kit... Just use baking soda and some thinned down glue. With either, also make sure you seal it with a good lacquer else it will turn yellow with age.
    2. Pick out some of the details like the rune on their chests and eyes. It doesn't have to be in a drastically contrasting color, but something is good.
    3. Take better pics. :-p There's all sorts of things out there on that, but the big thing is not using your cell phone camera. Also check out WeeToySoldiers for some great camera tips.


  2. Welcome to the 40k blogosphere and to the game itself.

    You might enjoy the following blog by Fritz:

    They don't call him the master tactician for nothing.

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  4. Looking good so far.

    Try looking for a macro setting on your camera. It allows it to focus on close objects.

    (most appear as a button with a flower image)

  5. Ok I am going to save you $117.00 or

    It is a tutorial on how to make 6 Flayed ones and 6 Immortals out of a single box of warriors.

    Scroll down to see ours. 8)